A harmonious combination between Striking and Grappling from stand-up and ground position, taking into account realistic environmental encounters while staying true to the methods practiced by the ancients. We offer Combative as well as recreational Pankration to accommodate all levels of competition. Classes are given by three time Hall Of Fame inductee and Internationally recognized Authority Pedotrivis Master Pankratiast Aris Makris.

Stick and Knife
Trained under some of the world's top Kali/Escrima masters, Aris Makris has been training in Kali/Escrima for nearly 30 yrs. This course is crucial to understand the use and defense with an Edged and linear weapon. It's geared to develop the proper knowledge, skill and reflexes when faced with these types of weapons. Before one can defend himself against such weapons one must know how to use them, and understand their dynamics.

Spartan Fit Boot Camp For Women
A combination of hard core combative/self-defense and strength/conditioning at a high pace to get you into the best shape of your life while developing the skills to give you the confidence to handle any threatening situation.
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