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Spartan Pankration Academy is an internationally acclaimed academy with expertise in the study of Greek martial arts. We deliver an authentic Pankration curriculum that is world renowned for its complete combative application.

Amongst many of the academy's purposes, our priority lies in delivering the highest form of martial arts training and leaving the individual equipped with all the skills required to feel safe and confident enough to handle and get out of any violent confrontation.

The combat form taught at ARMAK Spartan Pankration Academy is the closest form of combat that was used by the ancient Spartans, Alexander The Great and Ancient Rome. Our system allows students to develop their striking and grappling abilities simultaneously in order to be prepared for realistic situations. Furthermore, our techniques also provide the student with a broader and more reflexive use of his skills.

The school, with students as young as 3 years of age and up, is a safe place to learn, develop and build various skills in a friendly family oriented environment. Our classes offer something for everyone, from the advanced competitor, to the mom and dad or beginner student who want to get in shape while developing the skills to stay confident in any situation to protect themselves and their loved ones.

1500 Cure Labelle (Corner Souvenir)

Laval, Quebec, h7v 2w2

(514) 814-5191